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AMZScout Review: The Best Tool for Amazon Keyword Research

Many businesses on Amazon want to make high sales and huge returns within a very short period of time. If you’re an Amazon seller or just want to join the marketplace, use tools and software that’ll help improve sales. As a result, you’ll have a competitive edge over others on the platform. In this article, we’ll focus on the AMZScout review. AMZScout is an Amazon Product Research tool for Amazon sellers. I’ll show you why AMZScout is the best product research and sales-boosting tool in the Amazon marketplace.

Why do you need an Amazon Product Research Tool?

Amazon is one of the biggest marketplaces where people order millions of products everyday. This goes a long way to show that in order to be relevant in the domain, you must ensure your products are visible to the customers online.

Statistics have shown that many sellers are joining Amazon every year. Several other sellers are waiting to join the race due to the huge potential in the online marketplace. Based on norms, once the number of sellers increases in a particular domain, there will definitely be a sudden rise in competition.

Therefore, sellers with the best market strategy will dominate the market. If you really want to dominate the Amazon marketplace, you’ll need to check out the AMZScout review.

Meanwhile, there are several tools and softwares to operate with but it’s very important you look for the best and the most effective tools for this task. However, this write-up is focused on one of the best research tools in the market, and the reasons for this choice are properly explained.

AMZScout Introduction


AMZScout is an advanced product research tool that offers Amazon sellers the best information on products. This will result in an eventual boost in sales and profit in the Amazon marketplace. AMZScout is very intuitive and user-friendly. You don’t need much technical knowledge to operate and implement this tool in your sales techniques.

Apart from the fact that AMZScout will help you understand your product searches, it will also enable you to monitor your sales and profit in real time. It will be interesting to know that AMZScout enables sellers to gain access to updated pricing history data and how products are ranked in order of priority.

The information gotten from AMZScout will enable you to estimate the possible quantity of products you can sell in a month. Since the main purpose of using AMZScout is to boost sales and generate huge revenue, therefore, Amazon sellers have the ability to carry out proper analysis and precise predictions of their product listings.

AMZScout Tools

I this AMZScout review, we’ll highlight the important features of the tool. These features makes AMZScout stand out from all other products in the marketplace.

AMZScout Database

This product has an integrated database which enables Amazon sellers to gain unlimited access to high value products. For users to check out products on their database, they need to login with their credentials and then enter the name of product or product ASIN in the search box.

A list of products will be displayed alongside their pictures and features in the search results. The data are displayed in a simplified manner.

Amazon sellers can stop highly competitive, expensive and low profit products from displaying on their database by using the filter feature to display only those items they want. You can display several categories of products on your AMZScout database by clicking on the search button and without inserting any keyword.

AMZScout Estimated Sales

You can use this advanced feature to estimate the total number of sales that can be made at a given period of time. This comprehensive tool is always pre-installed on AMZScout and it’s very easy to use.

AMZScout estimated sales can be used to get a clear idea of the quantity of products on the database, the worth of those products and how much profit can be generated. The sales calculator provides information on at least 30 categories of products at a time, which makes it possible for an Amazon seller to leverage on.

AMZScout Keywords Explorer

The function of keywords explorer in AMZScout cannot be overemphasized. This feature be generally grouped into two:

First, use the keywords explorer to search for the specific type of products you want. If the products are already present on your AMZScout database, you can input the keywords and your search results will be displayed. As an amazon seller, adding this keyword to your title and description increases the rank of your product in the marketplace.

Secondly, use the keyword explorer to search for quality products with high demand. You can do this by probing important phrases of the product of interest. For instance, you can search for the keyword ‘waterproof plastic bottles’ if you’re a plastic water bottle seller. You can see the relevant keywords in place.

This is the best tool for amazon sellers to look for the best product with high market demand. Use this AMZScout feature to have a competitive advantage over other sellers and make huge profit in the long run.

AMZScout Product Tracker

With AMZScout, you can monitor the diminishing and increasing rate of your stock by using the product tracker feature. Once you’ve saved the products you intend to sell with a product tracker, it’ll be easy for you to observe the changes in your stock as you buy and sell. You can also add products of interest to your tracker list. With this, the product description and sales data will be very visible for you to analyze.

Now that you already know the key features of AMZScout, you must know that the tool is available in two different types. The tool is available as a web application and as a google chrome extension.

AMZScout Web App

amzscout webapp preview

AMZScout web application is an independent tool that is used to extract information, gain quality insights and make reasonable profit on your sales. However, it possesses some more advanced and comprehensive functionalities which makes it unique.

You won’t be able to open the Amazon website with AMZScout web application because all the pages on the website have been integrated into it. It has an extensive keyword explorer to research and analyze large data files on your AMZScout database.

AMZScout Chrome Extension

amzscout chrome extension preview

AMZScout chrome extension is very intuitive and user-friendly for sellers. This extension doesn’t take space on the google chrome browser when compared to other extensions. It comes with advanced features and technologies such as FBA calculator and product search tools. AMZScout chrome extension enables sellers to optimize their sales with the Get Niche Idea feature.

AMZScout Pricing

amzscout pricing

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Just like other packages, AMZScout comes with different plans and pricing. The price of a particular plan depends on the number of features it has. Most Amazon sellers go for plans that contain important features they can easily use to promote their products.

AMZScout has three different plans.

  • Basic plan
  • Start plan
  • Business plan

One amazing fact about these plans is that they all give users 7 days free trial. So, you can decide to try all the plans out in order to know the best plan for your products. While you are on a 7 days free trial, remember to cancel your subscription on time. Cancel it before the weekly trial period gets over to avoid charges for the month.

Newbies can subscribe to AMZScout monthly plan which costs $44.99. With this, they can better understand how it works. As an amazon seller, it’ll be advisable to subscribe to either yearly or lifetime pricing plan which is more economical.

AMZScout Pros

  • The tool is user-friendly and very intuitive for beginners to work with
  • The price is affordable
  • It has filters to sort information
  • You can consider this tool because it provides accurate and trusted data
  • It has flexible pricing plans

AMZScout Cons

  • The amount of search results can be too much for beginners to dissect
  • The keyword explorer doesn’t load on time.

Final Words

Final words on our AMZScout Review:

AMZScout is currently the best tool for carrying out market research on the Amazon marketplace. It’ll give you a competitive advantage over other sellers. If you use this tool judiciously, you’ll be able to gain proper insight into your product based on the information on your AMZScout database.

Amazon sellers widely use AMZScout not only for its flexibility but also for the convenience in usage and the overall benefits that it offers. It has a cool interface that amazon sellers can use without any form of stress. You can use the tool alone as a web application or as a google chrome extension.

AMZScout comes with 3 different plans and unique features, As stated in AMZScout review. The plans come with different price tags. Therefore, you can choose the best plan that will fit your budget and at the same time earn a huge profit.

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