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Crocoblock Review: The Best Plugins & Widgets for Elementor

Are you a web developer looking for the best and efficient ways of building an Elementor website? If you’re the one, then this Crocoblock review is for you. In this review, we will give a comprehensive detail of all Crocoblock products, pricing, and features. We will also highlight the various ways in which this package can be of utmost benefit to you.

About Crocoblock

Crocoblock is a top-notch addon For Elementor website creators. It contains several tools for creating all types of websites with WordPress and the Elementor page builder plugin. This means that once Elementor is installed on your WordPress website, you can use any of the JetThemeCore plugins and templates to build your unique site. The templates can easily be edited and customized through the intuitive Elementor visual interface. This package is essential for business owners, bloggers, and online e-commerce store owners.

With the complete suite, you’ll have direct access to plugins, widgets, WordPress themes, and several other advanced add-ons. Without wasting time, let’s quickly delve into its various products.

Reviewing Crocoblock Widgets

Crocoblock gives you access to choose widgets for Elementor up to what you need. They have more than 500 functional widgets, however, we have categorized them into a few groups. Highlighted below are some of the widgets you can use on your WordPress site.

Basic Design Widgets

These widgets are essentially used for web page customization. Some of the basic design widgets for Elementors are countdown timer widget, interactive animated box widget, section particles, animated text widgets, pie chart widget, satellite widget, logo showcase widget and several others. You can use this widget to achieve your marketing goals by implementing them on your web page.

Dynamic Widgets

Dynamic widgets interact with users effectively and they provide data that is being updated using different APIs. Also, these widgets collect information along with using it dynamically. Common elements of dynamic widgets are checkmark, map listing, profile subpage content, dynamic meta, dynamic fields, and profile menu.

Filtering Widgets

The Filtering widget allows you to limit the visibility of features in a layer. You can use this tool to sort any posts or products in ascending or descending order. You can as well enrich your filtering options with visual elements, and catch your visitor’s attention by displaying color from icon-picker or by adding your own image.

Basic Content Widgets

Basic content widgets are used to emphasize sections, headlines, and lists on WordPress sites. Common basic content widgets include pricing table, service widget, headline widget, vertical timeline widget, and responsive table. Meanwhile, the video player widget is also available to add and configure YouTube service videos without copying HTML code and editing scripts. This Crocoblock widget helps you review the order and format of the page’s content before publishing it.

Action Widgets

The Action Widget provides a simple way to configure “if this happens, then do that” situations on campaigns. It does so by providing a list of all of the events that the widgets on your campaign can initiate, and allows you to set up actions to take when these events occur. Some action widgets include alphabet filter, active tags, date period filter, weather widget, button widget, and popup action button.

For Content Organization Widgets

You can use these widgets to properly arrange content on your webpage. You can as well use it to place emphasis on notable parts of your page by means of the sticky column effect allowing the text to remain stationary when scrolling the page up and down. widgets under this category include switcher, unfold text widget, Elementor tabs widgets, read more expand widget, and classic accordion for dynamic content.

WooCommerce Widgets

The WooCommerce Product Search extension features a new widget that provides instant search results as you type in its search field. You can also use some WooCommerce widgets to create accounts for your customers and monitor their data directly from their various dashboards. Some other widgets in this category are checkout login form, cart totals, checkout payment, checkout order review, Wishlist count button, compare widget, taxonomy tiles widget, etc.

Image Layouts & Slider Widgets

You can get a perfect image layout and slider on your WordPress site by implementing the widgets in this category. Some of the widgets are gallery anchor navigation widget, product image widget, product gallery slider, banner widget, gallery grid, slider, and portfolio gallery widget.

Menu & Search Widgets

Menu and Search widgets can help you to easily locate either words or phrases on your page and display the corresponding results. Visitors can find needed information with the Search widget added to the header or footer of your website. Common menu and search widgets are ajax search, mega menu, vertical mega menu, search filter widget, and navigation menu widget.

Blogging Widgets

These widgets can be used to arrange blog page panes, navigation, grids. You can also use these widgets to add some posts to a smart list and easily customize the blocks to make them look engaging to attract the customers’ attention to your site. Examples of blogging widgets are static review, smart posts list, pagination widget, and Elementor post tiles.

Form Widgets

This is one of the best sets of widgets on the WordPress site because they have a whole lot of dynamic functionalities. You can use them to display a created order form with needed fields and buttons, specify the way to show the content, apply reload or AJAX submit type, and use a cache function. Fine and simple web forms can be easily created with a subscription form widget. Some other widgets under this category are order form widgets, contact form 7 widget, registration form widget, login widget, and MailChimp.

Reviewing Crocoblock Plugins


JetEngine is a dynamic content plugin that lets you build a complex website fast and cost-effectively. It has a streamlined module management UI that enables users to create dynamic structures with little to no coding skills. JetEngine is fully compatible with ElementorPRO, ACF, WooCommerce, Rank Math, and Yoast to make any project perform as desired. You’ll be charged $26 per year for a single site. Meanwhile, if you want access to more premium features on JetEngine, you can subscribe for the $130 per year package.


JetBlocks can be used to enrich the headers and footers of a website. Users can use JetBlocks to add a hamburger menu, breadcrumbs, or a search form without ever needing to write a line of code. It is a very affordable product that costs $19 per year. The all-inclusive premium package costs $130 per year.


JetSearch plugin can be used to search within any custom post type, any taxonomy, default tags, and categories on WordPress. While reviewing Crocoblock JetSearch, we found that you can as well use it to manage the way the results are displayed, applying advanced stylization settings. You can rest assured of a 30-day money-back guarantee when you purchase JetSearch on Crocoblock. JetSearch costs $19 per year for a single site.


JetTabs has a $15 yearly plan with a guaranteed 30 days money-back policy. You can use it to choose the best way to showcase content within Elementor-built pages. One amazing thing about this plugin is that it can be synchronized with JetEngine to add dynamic content to tab labels, changing them from page to page when using templates.


JetSmartFilters is a creative plugin that can be used to design and edit filters for any website. It makes building complex filtering structures timely and cost-effective. With this plugin, you can comfortably merge two stand-alone listing grids into a solid filtering architecture and display the search results on Google Maps. JetSmartFilters is fully compatible with ElementorPRO, ACF, JetEngine, and JetWooBuilder to ensure the optimal performance of your projects. It cost $24 per year for a single site.


JetAppointment allows users to access vital appointment details which include business days, working hours, and days off, as well as the services you provide. This plugin also gives space where users can indicate buffer time between appointment services and payment information.  Make sure you have the JetEngine plugin installed or else you won’t be able to enjoy JetAppointment functionality to the full extent. You can subscribe to JetAppointment for as low as $19 per year.


JetGridBuilder plugin allows users to create impressive posts and terms grids in the Elementor page builder. With its help, you can manually change the size, positions, and appearance of every post in the grid. Crocoblock JetGridBuilder is highly flexible and allows you to review and customize the grid any way you like. The best thing about this amazing plugin is that it’s 100% free.


JetProductGallery is a top-notch WooCommerce gallery plugin. It can be used to display the WooCommerce product images and video in the form of a slider, making it easier for prospects to make decisions. You can make use of flexible custom post types to add any type of content to the website. This plugin costs $15 per year for a single website. You can have access to all-inclusive features by subscribing to a $130 yearly plan.


If you’re offering rental or booking services daily, then this plugin will be perfect for you. You can use JetBooking to filter your items by availability and property characteristics, thereby enabling your visitors to screen the items according to the price, dates, location, availability, and facilities. You can also use JetBooking in combination with top-notch services to synchronize your schedule, automate the processes and add hooks to your form. This plugin costs $19 per year for a single site.


You can conveniently add custom styles to your plugins with no extra code by using JetStyleManager. This plugin uses multiple style parameters to refine any given element’s look. It offers the flexibility to style any Gutenberg block and adjust its visual rendition. You can as well customize the quality of your texts by enhancing its font size and family, color, weight, line height and letter spacing, style, and more. While writing this Crocoblock review, we found that JetStyleManager is totally free for download.


You can use this plugin to create the needed review types, edit the review fields in a neat pop-up window, and assign the review types to various posts and pages. JetReviews enhances your brand’s reliability by showing reviews with real user data such as name, profile picture, rating, and relevant stats. You can get it for just $22 for a yearly package. Gain access to all-inclusive features by subscribing to the $130 per year plan.


This is a top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin. It can be used to develop a best-selling WooCommerce store from the ground up. It allows users to implement the vital elements, adjust the page sections, and add as much backend functionality as they want. You can access all the great features and functionalities of JetWooBuilder by subscribing to the $24 per year plan.


You can use this plugin to create engaging blog pages. JetBlog can bring a beautiful view to your content with visual effects to highlight the most important information. You can as well use it to specify smart posts list or smart posts tiles widgets as archive templates. JetBlog costs $19 per year for a single site.


You can use Crocoblock JetElements to create and review high-end designs faster and easier. This plugin makes use of 45 widgets in its operation. You can make use of the functionalities of these widgets to add any content you want. JetElements costs $24 per year for a single site with 30 days money-back guarantee.


JetTricks is a perfect plugin to empower your content with visual effects to highlight the most important information. You can use JetTricks for a project that requires you to add animation effects that Elementor doesn’t offer like particle effects or tooltip. It is simple to add visual effects and adjust them according to your needs. You can subscribe to the yearly plan at the rate of $19 for a single site.


JetCompareWishlist can specifically add 2 unique functionalities to a WordPress website that uses Elementor. Firstly, to easily take 2 or more content pieces, and compare various aspects of them like the pricing, the ratings, the names, and other data attached to them. Secondly, increase your overall revenue by attaching a wishlist to your WooCommerce website. It costs $15 per year for a single site.


JetThemeCore makes it possible for you to create header and footer templates with Elementor Free version and apply them to different pages or page templates. You can add the pre-made content blocks right to the page’s canvas in the layouts and styles you want. You can use JetThemeCore to design an entire website without writing any line of code. The custom subscription plan is entirely free. Meanwhile, you can subscribe to the all-inclusive package at $130 per year.


You can use JetFormbuilder to create smart online forms that react to users’ choices. With this plugin, you’ll be able to link the desired field to its relevant data from your database. In this way, some field values will be pre-filled on the frontend. You also use JetFormBuilder to build calculator forms that perform basic and complex calculations. Interestingly, this plugin is 100% free.


You can use JetPopup to determine the information that will be conveyed in the pop-ups of your website. You can design your popup window to display when the page opens to deliver information about the latest news and publications, ongoing sales and discounts, and policy changes. The cost of JetPopup is $22 per year with a 30 days money-back guarantee.


The JetMenu plugin from Crocoblock is a very useful tool for building a desktop-independent mobile menu. It has perfect options when it comes to separate projects. You can as well use it to export your menu settings and apply them to any of your other websites. With all these holistic functionalities, JetMenu costs $24 per year for a single site.

Crocoblock Pros

  • Crocoblock offers valuable Elementor Add-ons
  • You can create a webpage deisgn without custmo coding
  • It offer live page building at an affordable cost
  • It work perfectly well with an WordPress Theme
  • 30 days money-back guarantee on all products

Crocoblock Cons

  • It does not have a monthly plan. This is a great disadvantage for those interested in using it for a short period.

Review & Publish Websites with Crocoblock Plugins

We hope this detailed crocoblock review is of help. If you’re looking for an affordable all-in-one package for creating almost any type of website, Crocoblock comes highly recommended. They have quality templates, widgets, plugins, and several other packages for your web development experience. Crocoblock’s add-on subscription for Elememtor is top-notch. Their products are very reliable with a 30-days money-back guarantee.

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