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InvisaWear Review: The Best Personal Security Jewellery

Have you ever found yourself in an unsafe environment and then ran out of ideas on what to do? Are you afraid of attacks when you’re walking alone at night? Not everyone likes the stress of carrying pepper spray or guns around. Using effective smart technologies that are easy to carry about seems to be the best approach. However, security jewelry seemed like a good option, since it can serve a dual purpose i.e act as a security device and be used for fashion. This write-up is focused on InvisaWear review, which is one of the best personal security jewelry in the world.

Introduction to InvisaWear

InvisaWear is a piece of attractive and smart jewelry that allows you to instantly alert friends, family, and police during an emergency situation. The jewelry contains advanced technology that is very small, stylish and hard to notice. You can use InvisaWear as a necklace, bracelet, choker, or keychain depending on your choice. You can clip it to your bag, purse and even wear it with any major brand of jewelry.

If you’re curious about the story behind Iar, then you’ll definitely get answers to your questions in this InvisaWear review.


How Was InvisaWear Founded?

InvisaWear is one of a kind smart device designed by Rajia Abdelaziz. The main idea began as a mere class project when Rajia was at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. On a certain evening after the day’s lecture, Rajia was going home when she noticed that some set of fiercely looking men in a car was following her. They were calling her all sorts of names but she rather ignored them.

Rajia ran to her car and drove at a very high speed in order to evade the threat. It was this frightening event that inspired her to create her range of panic button jewellery. She joined forces with Ray Hamilton who was her colleague in school to set up Invisawear. Their goal was to produce a stylish charm that has panic button technology built into it.

The Technology Behind InvisaWear

The technology behind InvisaWear smart jewelry is quite simple. Inside each piece of jewelry, there is an electronic device. The device communicates with your phone via Bluetooth. When you trigger the device, an app on your phone will send an alert text to five registered contact numbers.

There is also an optional function that will alert local police about what you’re going through along with your current location. The device has in-built GPS tracking. So, recipients of the alert will know where you are. You can trigger the device by pressing the back of the jewellery twice.

invisawear mobile app

Benefits of InvisaWear

There are several benefits you can derive from using this smart technology. Meanwhile, in this InvisaWear review, we’ll highlight the most important benefits you can easily get from it.

  • No charging is needed: InvisaWear has a durable battery life that can last for one complete year of constant usage without being charged. Peradventure you don’t use it often, it can last you for more than three years. In case the battery stops functioning, you can purchase a replacement at a discounted rate.
  • It works with Bluetooth: The Bluetooth feature of InvisaWear makes it very easy for you to connect it with your smart devices. Although, you must download the InvisaWear free mobile app before initiating the connection.
  • Easy to add people and share locations: The simple setup allows you to choose up to five people that you’ll like to notify. The app also allows you to enable a free and optional 911 feature through which your location can be shared with 911 dispatchers during an emergency.
  • It’s affordable: You might want to think that the production of such complexity will be very expensive, but the truth is, it’s a very cheap and quality product. You’ll be given a year’s warranty once you purchase InvisaWear.
  • It saves life: This is the ultimate benefit you can derive from using InvisaWear. You’ll look more secured and won’t have any reason to panic when you’re alone.

InvisaWear Pricing

InvisaWear can be used with different kinds of jewellery like necklace, bracelets, keychain, pendants etc. The price of the product is categorized based on the material of construction and its portability. Most of the price ranges from $129 to $249. Tabulated below are the popular InvisaWear products and their respective prices.

Silver Beverly Bracelet$249
Gold RE/MAX Keychain$200
Silver Leather Necklace$129
Gold Expandable Bracelet$149
Black Athletic Band$149
Silver Unisex Keychain$129
Blue Scrunchie$149


Invisawear smart jewellery is a great looking product. They offer well-designed jewelries, and more importantly, with maximum protection.They’ve integrated the products with technology which raises alarm and creates immediate awareness in case you find yourself in an unsecured environment.

InvisaWear is very affordable and durable. One interesting fact about this device is, you can wear it for fashion and for security purposes. Kindly check out the InvisaWear review as highlighted above, and get quality personal security jewellery for yourself.

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