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Elementor Pro Review: The Best WordPress Page Builder Plugin

Are you aware that you can achieve beautiful designs for your WordPress website without writing any line of code? Yes, with the aid of page builder plugins. Page builder plugins allow users to create a very responsive page layout that perfectly works on mobile, tablet and desktop interfaces. You can only get the desired layout for your WordPress site by using the right Page Builder Plugin. Elementor is one of the most popular webpage builders. In this article we’ll do Elementor Pro review and talk about its features, pricing, benefits, pros and cons.

Versions of Elementor

So far, Elementor has proven to be the best product in the market and it works perfectly well on WordPress sites. The product comes with a free version and a paid version. The free version has limited features while the paid version has a lot of features that can help speed up your workflow and also improve your website’s design. 

In this Elementor Pro review, we’ll talk about the descriptions, features, pricing and some other unique qualities that differentiates this product from other page builder plugins in the marketplace. Be rest assured to get all you need to know about this plugin and what it can do.

What is Elementor Pro?

Elementor Pro is a paid WordPress plugin to build beautiful webpages. This add-on is unique for its drag-and-drop gesture, style options, widgets, and so many other advanced features. The product was officially launched as far back as 2016 and has continued to make waves with over 5334 reviews and 96% of quality ratings.

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With this plugin, you can format themes and templates of web pages to your taste. Elementor pro comes with its own interface where you can post your contents without using the block editor on WordPress.

One amazing thing about this plugin is that you’ll surely get your expected output. Which means you get what you put in (cabbage-in, cabbage-out).

As it stands, Elementor Pro is actively installed on more than 5,000,000 WordPress site. You can unlock several amazing features on this product without any prior knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and other programming languages.

The Interface of Elementor Pro

It is very important you familiarize yourself with the Elementor Pro’s interface and learn how to work with the tools. The interface of Elementor editor is usually shown once you launch the plugin. The Elementor editor has a content area, widgets and setting.

  • Content area: This is where you build your design and format your contents
  • Widgets: They serve as the key element and building block for your page. You need them in your designs.
  • Setting: Use the settings option to check and undo some changes in your designs.
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If you’re the type of person that doesn’t have all the time or skill to build a website from scratch, Elementor Pro will come handy for you. Elementor Pro review won’t be complete without stating its key features.

The Key Features of Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro gives flexibilty to webiste developers and owners with a plethora of templates and design. Let’s check the Elementor Pro features one by one.

The Elementor Pro Template Library

Even though you have the chance to design your template from the scratch, use Elementor pro Library to save yourself all the stress. Elementor Pro has more than 300 beautiful templates that users can select from.

Headers & Footers Design

Designing a customized header and footer note comes handy with Elementor Pro add-on. Therefore, you do not need to use the WordPress default themes. Use this tool to assign a specially designed footer and header to different pages and posts on your WordPress site.

Customized Navigation Menus

With Elementor Pro, it’ll be very easy for you to customize the original menu on your WordPress admin page. To do this, click the ‘appearance’ option on the admin page, then the menu will pop-up. Customize the menu by selecting the navigation menu widget. It’ll be easy for you to have complete control over the typography, styling, colour and mouse-over animations.

Also note that you can drag-and-drop your customized menus into any part of your website and format them to properly work with mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Blog Post Layouts

Elementor Pro has an editor where you can edit your blog post elements such as comments, featured image, author bio, post title and so many others. You can edit your blog layout each time you want to make a new post. When you properly edit your blog post layout with Elementor Pro, your website will definitely stand out from others.

Advanced Widgets

This is a very important feature for WordPress users. This feature can only be found in the Elementor Pro plugin. With the post widget, your customized posts and products will automatically be displayed on any page of your WordPress site.

You can control how your posts are displayed on the Elementor Pro widget installed on your website. You’ll be granted access to a couple of customization and styling options on this widget. Therefore, you’ll be able to showcase some bunch of possible creative layouts.

WooCommerce Design

Elementor Pro’s WooCommerce widgets and theme builder will enable you to design your WooCommerce layouts such as the product pages, archive pages, and more. using the Elementor editor. It’s a great too if you are stuck with your WordPress theme’s default layouts.

Elementor Pro offers several WooCommerce widgets which include upsells, add to cart, product price, product Meta, short description, product data tabs, product images and many more.

Search Boxes

Elementor Pro has the search box feature which you can place in any convenient place on the website. You can display the search box on your website in three different areas of choice i.e default, full-screen or minimal. You can also design your search results with the theme builder functionality on Elementor Pro.

404 Page Design

The 404 page is usually displayed to viewers when they mistakenly input the wrong URL while trying to access your website. So you can determine the content to be displayed on the page by redesigning the default 404 pages. Elementor Pro’s theme contains builder functionality which can make this happen.

Global Theme Styles

You can set your default Elementor Pro’s theme style options like buttons, forms, images and typography to suit your needs. The essence of setting the theme style is to allow all the widgets on your page pop-up automatically. Although, you still have the choice to override the global settings whenever you want to make some changes on your web pages.

Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

You can comfortably use Elementor Pro with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF), pods and toolset. All you need to do is insert custom fields into your Elementor templates using the dynamic content feature. Once that is done, you’ll then be able to globally design and manage your custom post types more easily.

 Who Truly Needs Elementor Pro?

  • Developers: If you’re a stack web designer and developer, Elementor Pro is like an icing on the cake for you. The theme builder feature will give you access to add custom CSS directly to widgets.
  • Marketers: You might be wondering what marketer has got to do with this plugin. One of the important focus of this Elementor Pro review is WooCommerce, which is a major marketing tool. With this plugin, you can build properly designed landing pages for your products.
  • Custom Content Sites: If you’re building a custom content site with custom post types and custom fields, then Elementor Pro is the right plugin for you. It’ll give you the ability to create templates and insert dynamic content, especially if you’re building a WordPress site for your Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).

Elementor Pro Pricing

In this Elementor Pro review, we’ll walk you through three different yearly Elementor pricing plans depending on the user’s budget. The plans have virtually the same features, the difference depends on how many websites you want to create.

The personal plan comes for just 1 website at the rate of $49 per year, while the plus plan supports 3 websites at the rate of $99 per year. You can go a step ahead and choose the expert plan that works for 1000 websites at $199 per year.

The Pros of Elementor Pro

  • It has tons of premium templates
  • Very easy to use for a beginner
  • All the features are understandable
  • Users can easily build custom page layouts and designs
  • You can do inline text editing
  • You don’t need any prior knowledge of HTML, CSS or PHP
  • Easy adjustment of mobile, tablet and desktop views
  • Detailed setting of all alignments

The Cons of Elementor Pro

  • Very difficult to add custom styling to links
  • Hard to locate errors within the page


No doubt, Elementor is one of the best and the strongest page builder plugin in the marketplace. The product has all the required features that work perfectly well with the latest design trends. Even though there is a free version of the plugin, the paid version (Elementor Pro) tends to give users a complete and sweet experience.

Finaly, I’ll encourage you to go through the Elementor Pro review and consider the incredible value that it has to offer to your WordPress site.

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