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Turbo Theme Review: An Autopsy of The Fastest Shopify Theme

No matter how much you optimize your website for SEO and User Experience, if it’s not well-organized or doesn’t attract the audience, you are missing a lot of user action. Bagging on an aesthetically awesome theme would solve this problem for you. Getting the best eCommerce, Woocommerce or Shopify theme for your online marketplace ultimately adds to boosting sales. In this article, we’ll do turbo theme review, one of the best themes available for online business.

Detailed Turbo Theme Review

Quality themes are crucial to the improvement of your brand, business and attract many customers, especially when you get it from an expert like Out of the Sandbox to design and develop them for you.

Out of the Sandbox is one of the best e-commerce website theme providers where you can get quality themes that’ll perfectly fit your marketplace. In this turbo theme review, we’ll explain the top-rated themes on the platform and also highlight some of their important features and prices.

All About Out of The Sandbox Theme

Out of the Sandbox is a reputable company that specializes in Shopify themes design and development. The company partners with Shopify to provide shop setup and customization services to its users. They have professionals that create quality themes for customer’s projects and shop tweaks.

Out of the Sandbox can easily connect you with the best Shopify expert for any project you want to execute. One amazing fact about the company is the fact that they design themes which can be customized to suit the client’s needs.

Out of The Sandbox Themes Advantages

  • Turbo theme is known for its speed & performance
  • Their customer support is excellent and prompt
  • The themes have a solid codebase and great documentation
  • The themes have comprehensive and intuitive options
  • They improve and update their themes on a regular basis
  • Out of the Sandbox’s themes are SEO friendly, which helps websites generate organic traffic
  • The theme is responsive to improve conversion rates through mobile devices.

Without much ado, let’s walk you through Turbo Shopify Theme, one of the best themes developed by Out of the Sandbox.

Turbo Shopify Theme

Turbo Shopify Theme is an amazing product designed and developed by Out of the Sandbox. As the name implies, Turbo Shopify theme overcomes the generic problem of low webpage loading speed. Turbo Shopify theme is highly responsive and looks great on any device such as phone, tablet or desktop.

It not only gives your website a competitive edge by catering the evolving niche market of mobile customers, but also helps you improve your conversion rate from multiple devices.

turbo shopify theme

Currently, Turbo Shopify theme collection has five unique designs – Tennessee Chicago, Florence, Portland, Seoul and Dubai. The themes have placeholders where you can install apps from other sources, thereby saving you some extra expenses of monthly regular fees. Let’s get a quick review of these child themes from Out of the Sandbox’s Turbo theme product.

Turbo Theme Collection

Turbo Chicago

If you have had a business idea that can’t be portrayed by any of the standard themes out there, The Turbo Chicago look can really enhance your concept. Be it online apparel, sports, or jewelry store, this theme is fit and ready to use.

Through the high contrasting colors and bold fonts, the dramatic look of this theme can really create an unforgettable shopping experience for your customers. The theme comes with both light and dark mode to align with your style of marketing.

While each product will have enough space that makes it easy to examine and compare, it provides a visual impact that not many themes on the market can achieve.

Turbo Chicago will cost you $350 and comes with a 14-day trial period. The brand offers a full refund in case you are dissatisfied with their theme.

Turbo Dubai

Dubai Turbo Theme uses tidy fonts and a subtle color palette that gives an elegant and strong look to your website.

This theme is perfect for up-market products and merchants that are shooting for the stars. Websites that sell Bags, and other wearable accessories can try this theme out and we are sure they’ll get the worth of their investment.

Among some of the best revenue-increasing features of this theme, you will be able to set up up-selling options at checkout and a sleek newsletter to reach out to potential buyers.

Dubai Turbo theme demo will drive you through and you can explore if the theme is worth $350 or not.

Turbo Portland

The Portland Turbo Theme is a basic and highly configurable option that fits the needs of any merchants without challenges. It is perfect for anybody that can’t renounce a sleek design to have a high performing and functional website.

Turbo Portland theme is best for online sports products store. It has placeholders customized to fit minimal content and high-quality images of products.

While it is completely customizable, this theme is incredibly responsive to all of your needs and can be set up in no time with great results. The price is the same as other child themes, $350 and you’ll be given a 14 days warranty to try out this amazing theme on your website.

Turbo Florence

Turbo Florence offers a refined and polished look that helps your consumer focus entirely on your product without distractions. It is highly customizable and features all the main options of the rest of the Turbo Themes. If you have plans to put up an online jewelry store, this theme is spot on for you.

With Florence, you will be able to create an elegant and clean webpage on a pastel color pallet and with plenty of white spaces. This will allow your unique product to shine in an unclustered website.

Turbo Florence will cost you $350 and also comes with a 14-day trial period. This theme’s packages includes 1-year of free usage with quick and easy updating. The updates cost $79 for the basic plan.

Turbo Tennessee

Turbo Tennessee is a smooth, refreshing style theme perfect for showcasing all the finer things in life. It is simple but bold, while the use of white space keeps things uncluttered, so your products can really stand out.

Online liquor shops or online scotch galleries can easily be created and showcased using this theme.

Turbo Tennessee guarantees high-performing navigation and responsiveness. That’s the reason the theme costs you $350, which is perfect for an up-market mission.

Turbo Seoul

This minimalistic theme has been optimized for mobile or tablet view. It offers a smooth vibe and pastel colors that help your consumer to focus on your product.

eCommerce website ideas can easily be embedded into this theme and be brought to reality without much fuss. Be it music product website, tech gadgets, or any other eCommerce store, this theme will fit all.

The warm and sophisticated color palette available in Turbo Seoul makes it different from the other Turbo options. With the up-selling options at checkout, you will be guaranteed maximum revenues out of each visitor.

The theme comes at an affordable price of $350. Theme purchase includes 1-year of free, quick and easy updating through their Theme Updater App’s Basic Plan ($79 USD).

Turbo Theme Features

The Turbo Shopify theme features are excellent which makes it a special product.

Multiple Customization Options

Turbo Shopify theme has a lot of settings to alter the look and feel of fonts and colours in the store. This allows you to customize and map the theme to your brand. Having so many settings allows each store to look different than other, which is built on the same theme.

The theme has several sections of pre-defined designs that you can easily implement on your homepage. The most recent version of Turbo Shopify theme has 22 unique homepage sections.

One of those sections is dedicated to custom HTML, which allows you to augment the settings to suit your needs. With so many sections, you’ll be able to present your content in a way that makes the most sense for your customers.

Improved Navigation Features

The header is important for your store’s branding as it is the first feature every customer plays with. The header in this theme has various options you can use at your disposal. You can easily configure the dropdown menus of Turbo Shopify theme either horizontally or vertically.

It also has a mega navigation feature which contains super-rich content such as the photos and multiple columns in your dropdown. You can put your logo in the header above the menus or in line with the menus. The main navigation can be placed over banners or have a solid colour background.

Create Personalized Pages

Turbo Shopify themes also offers many pre-built webpage templates. There are currently 12 unique page templates and each template contains communication forms, teams with photos for each employee, a gallery with multiple ways to display the photos and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). This amazing template gives your homepage high-level customization which makes it very unique.

Multi-tag Filter

Turbo shopify themes has multi-tag filtering features which allow customers to select the products of their choice based on their colours, vendor, materials, size and their respective prices. You can customize your colour properties with Turbo Shopify Theme.


Turbo Shopify themes also feature a new cart type which is known as the mini cart. This automatically opens and updates when a customer adds an item to the cart. The collapsible feature allows you to check on what items are in the cart while still on the page they are and without cluttering your site.

Turbo Theme Pricing

There are various designs of Turbo Shopify theme which have the same price range with some slight features. Tabulated below are the major designs of the product you can find in the marketplace and their respective prices. Check out various Turbo Shopify theme pricing designs.

All Turbo ThemesPrice ($)
Turbo Theme/Chicago350
Turbo Theme/Dubai350
Turbo Theme/Portland350
Turbo Theme/Florence350
Turbo Theme/Tennessee350
Turbo Theme/Seoul350

Out of the Sandbox themes are expensive for small business users and startups with low investment models.

Turbo Themes Pros

  • It has a straightforward navigation setup
  • Designed for a speedy experience
  • Super interactive and very easy to use
  • Extendable mega-menu
  • Numerous templates with amazing features
  • Promotional sections, with very high impact

Turbo Shopify Themes Cons

  • It is expensive
  • The filters on the collection pages have limits

Get Turbo Theme Now!!!

This turbo theme review helps you select the best, responsive and quality themes for your online business. Turbo Shopify theme emerges as the best product the company has ever produced due to its excellent qualities. The Turbo Shopify themes have 5 different designs with the same functionalities but different configurations.

But if you can cope or maybe you take your site speed seriously, then this fantastic piece might be worth investing.

And it obviously will add to your returns over time, which would foot to the recurring fees. So the price of Turbo Theme might not be a problem anyway. And the good news is, you have a 14-day guarantee in case it doesn’t work well for you.

On considering the add-on functions that the Turbo Shopify theme comes with at no extra charge. The one time cost of $350 for this product.

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