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SpyFu Review: The Best SEO & Google AdWord PPC Tools

SpyFu is the best digital marketing tool with excellent features that helps digital marketers in traffic and lead generation with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC). One of the secrets of a successful business is your ability to understand your competitors effectively and look for ways to surpass them. In this review, we’ll see how with SpyFu you can spy on your competitors, and get info such as keyword research, competitor backlinks, and Ad history to capitalize on your business. It is a legal tool that will give your brand the needed exposure and growth in the face of competition. Let us dive deep into our SpyFu review.

Why Do You Need SpyFu?

SpyFu fulfills the need for business, recognition, growth, and development. Spyfu basically takes competitors’ data and shows their stats such as their ranking history, keywords, cost per click, and search volume statistics. It is a great tool that performs keyword analysis using very simple iteration techniques, without much data. In case you have a small business outlet and want to increase the visibility of your business, use SpyFu to increase the rank of your page on Google.

Key Features of SpyFu

For this SpyFu review, we checked out several of its research tools with wonderful features for effective keyword tracking and competitive analysis.


To use this particular feature, you need to enter the domain name of your competitors. With this domain name, SpyFu will review your competitors and generate arrays of reports. This tool will display an SEO overview, charts, data, paid search results, and organic key insights for the searched website. From this report, you will be able to draw preferences about pages linked to the website and front-page keywords of similar websites.

Competitor Analysis

In reality, your search result on SpyFu will display more than one competitor. You’ll also get information about the competitors of displayed results since they’re all your direct and indirect competitors too. However, from this competitors’ data, you should be able to:

  • Know your strongest competitor
  • Know the worth of your toughest competitor
  • Get advanced warning of domains gaining on your keywords
  • Take proper advantage of your competitor’s strategy

SEO Keyword Research

SpyFu’s SEO keyword research tool review revealed that it comes with a lot of features. The keyword research will help you target the right keywords and increase your position in Google ranks. You can use this feature to identify the keywords your competitors are ranking for. The extracted reports can be exported in CSV format, filtered to get the targeted keywords, and used to get the value of your competitor’s total organic clicks.

Backlinks, also known as the inbound/outbound links are simply links from a page on one website to another. If you want an efficient SEO strategy, then you need to integrate backlinks to your domain. With SpyFu you can have a full idea of where your competitors are getting their links. To use the report generated from your competitor’s backlinks, follow the steps below:

  • Search for links that are boosting other sites’ ranks
  • Aim at the frequently used links by your competitors
  • Use page types like blogs, forums, etc., to filter the links
  • Use webspam to filter out the quality links

Domain Comparison

This feature in SpyFu will help you review and deliver the right keywords to your target audience by selecting two competing domains. It will also show you a report that compares your keywords with theirs.

Kindly note that if you rank for certain keywords and your competitors don’t, that’s not necessarily a win. It could mean that there isn’t much of an audience for those keywords.

Rank Tracker

Once you’ve developed an SEO strategy based on the info you’ve gained from SpyFu, you’ll want to know if that strategy is drawing a crowd. SpyFu’s Rank Tracker offers a rank tracking report that will show you where your content ranks for a keyword over time. As of now, the tool tracks rank in Google and Bing. You can use the tool to track either PPC or organic keywords.


In situations where your competitors have organic and paid strategies, SpyFu will review them to give adequate details on how they’re generating traffic using the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) research tool. The report from this tool can be used to find a site’s ad spend history, find a site’s paid keywords, gain knowledge of the site’s keyword strengths and weaknesses, and also attract visitors with your competitor’s ad copy.

AdWords Competitors

Reports generated from AdWords competitors can be used to protect your domain against PPC threats. You can also use this tool to gain insights into the marketing strategies and spending of your competitors. In essence, reports from AdWords Competitors will include:

  • All domains bidding on your keywords
  • Emerging threats to your keyword strategy
  • Changes in your competitors’ ad spend over time

Keyword Suggestions

You can make use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) keyword research to obtain your competitor’s most profitable keywords for ad bidding. The report will contain keywords your competitor is bidding on search engines, their estimated monthly ad budget, and how long they have been using a particular keyword for advertisement. You can easily review irrelevant keywords with SpyFu and filter them out to focus on specific keywords.

AdWords Templates

At times AdWords can be very difficult to use. It is expensive, the chances of getting clicks from non-customers are high, high chances of targeting the wrong keywords. Looking at the bright side of this tool, it’s a great way to get the word out about your brand, but it’s a fairly complicated tool. Fortunately, SpyFu makes your life easier with AdWords templates that you can import. The templates use structured ad groups to keep your keywords organized. There’s at least one ad per ad group. All you need to do is plug in your niche-relevant keywords and you’re all set.

Keyword Research

To write this spyfu review, we got a lot of help from the tool. The metrics available for competitors include a calculation of the traffic these sites receive from their current keyword rankings. There are other strategic aids in the SpyFu Keyword Tool, including the Kombat feature. This will allow you to pit three domains against each other to pinpoint areas where your brand is missing out. You can then track these keywords to monitor your improvement over time.

Apart from the fact that SpyFu can check competitors and keywords, it also contains very efficient backlinks analysis tools too. The feature is very easy to use. All you have to do is enter a target keyword for your domain, compare backlinks with competitors, and identify the reasons your site is falling behind. There are over 103 million domains in the SpyFu link index and over seven billion results. Thus, SpyFu does provide the tools most marketers will need for backlinks analysis, at an affordable price.

SpyFu Pricing

Based on its price plans and benefits, SpyFu is regarded as one of the best digital marketing tools. It has three main pricing plans, basic, professional, and team plan. The feature you’re expected to get will largely depend on your subscription. Let’s review SpyFu’s pricing plans one by one.

The Basic Plan

The basic plan is $39 per month and $33 per year. This plan will give access to 5,000 tracked keywords and 10,000 top lists. You’ll also get unlimited searched results, data exports, 250 sales leads and domain contacts.

The Professional Plan

The professional plan is $79 per month. You can gain access to more reporting options and the SpyFu API with this plan. Some other benefits of subscribing to this plan include custom branded reporting, 50,000 top lists results, unlimited domain overview, and unlimited data exports. You can also cut costs by subscribing to the annual plan at $58 per month.

SpyFu Pros

  • Offers a wide selection of keyword search and management tools in an attractive price range
  • Interactive reporting, deep PPC/CPC, and paid advertising metrics
  • Can track backlinks and offers ongoing site monitoring and unlimited search results

SpyFu Cons

  • No web-wide crawling
  • Ad metrics can be complicated for novice SEO users


SpyFu has evolved from a competitor analysis platform to a more comprehensive set of SEO tools. No doubt, SpyFu is a force to reckon with in the SEO game. It is an advanced digital marketing tool with amazing features. It has three different price plans for flexibility and ease of use. The insights you take from this tool can influence everything from search marketing spending to your broader brand strategy.

We hope you liked our detailed SpyFu review and are now clear about the features, pricing, and benefits of using this amazing tool. Our effort is always to offer you the best product reviews. Do share your comments on this article and pass them on to your business acquaintances.

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